Honey Bee Hive Color Planner Quick Start Guide

If you are new to Honey Bee Hive's Online Color Planning app, be sure to read this quick start guide.

In order to use the Color Planner, you need to be registered on our site, and have agreed to our Terms of Use. To accept the terms of use, visit our Color Planner Page and click the on the button to accept the terms (if you haven't signed in to your account, you will need to do that first).

The Online Color Planner is easy to use and allows you to color plan selected patterns by clicking on a color from the color palette on the right, and "painting" the color in the plan, on the left. Note that the color planner works best on full size computer screens and large tablets (in the case of tablets, zooming in on a color plan prevents the app from working, so don't resize your screen using the pinch zoom feature).

Once a plan is saved, users have the ability to share their plan publicly with other rug hookers, and also order the corresponding pattern and wool from our online store. Users who order the wool or pattern from our shop will also get a full color color 8 1/2" x 11" multi-page hard copy plan for their reference.  Users who order just the completed color plan will receive a digital PDF copy of the plan via email.

If you have any questions, or issues with the planner, you can contact us by clicking the "Question Mark" in the upper right of the color planner, and selecting "View Help & Contact Support."

To start color planning, register on our website, sign in, and select a pattern in this collection of patterns.

The read more about the planner, visit How the HBH Color Planner Works.

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