HBH Color Planner Terms of Use

The Honey Bee Hive Online Rug Hooking Color Planner is designed to help rug hookers color plan their rug hooking patterns.

All plans are copyright protected and as such, cannot be further reproduced or copied without prior written consent of the pattern designer and Honey Bee Hive, LLC. Wool color swatches and colors used for keys are designed to aid in online color planning and as a result, actual wool colors and textures may vary. 

The color planning app is made available to users on an "as is" basis and Honey bee Hive is not responsible customer use, or results.

While we have made every attempt to properly calculate wool sizes, variations in pattern designs may at times result in inaccurate measurements.

Honey Bee Hive's liability is limited to refunds of any unused purchased patterns or wool, as described in our standard refund policy. Honey Bee Hive will not be responsible for storage, or retrieval of color plans saved by users.

Use of the color planning app is also subject to our website data privacy and our website's terms of use.

Also, be sure to read our Quick Start Guide for some tips on using the planner.

To start color planning, register on our website, sign in, and select a pattern in this collection of patterns.

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